so on the plane to india I set myself a task, and have failed at it already by starting a day late. I, a person who never understood the relevance of blogs before, am starting my own right now! my plan is to upload a photo for every day in india, which will sum up to around 145 photos!
after a many hour journey doubting whether I made the right decision, I arrived ahmedabad and had an astonishingly good start.
my very friendly taxi driver, after taking a picture of us to while driving, dropped me off right outside my student halls. after walking up to the 4th floor and back about 5 times my room was finally unlocked and I moved into my new home. it even has windows!
summing up the rest of the day, I started with going to a mall with an other german exchange, unpacked, went to a film festival. pretty good start I’d say. rounded off the day with a dodgy search for a restaurant with a different german exchange and tasty food. it seems like we are only french and germans….
I think that’s a good enough start. haven’t even been eaten by moskitos!


One thought on “hello BOLLYWOOD

  1. The way you eventually got in your room is so typical in indian culture 😀 LOL
    Looks like it will be nice blog!

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